Born in Santa Clara, Cuba. Amisaday at the age of five she began rhythmic gymnastics at the José Antonio Hechevarría sports school in her province. She studied Spanish dance and in 2011 and then moved to the Olga Alonso Elementary School of Art. During her time there she participated in the Ernestina Quintana dance competitions, in which she obtained the first performance awards in 2013 and 2014 with the solo Consecration, dedicated to Pina Bausch. She was the best graduate of her academy from the 2012 and 2016. In 2017, she auditioned and began studying at the Acosta Danza Academy, directed by Carlos Acosta. As a student she participated in performances by the academy and with Acosta Danza. Amisaday, was part of the cast of pieces such as Tocororo SuiteDon Quixote Suite and Carmen, by Carlos Acosta; Majísmo, by Jorge García; Around there is Nothing, by Goyo Montero; Belles-Lettres, by Justin Peck; End of Time, by Ben Stevenson and Siervo, by Héctor J. Rodríguez. She has created the choreographies Adiós, felicidad and Orate, the latter with Brandy Martínez. In January 2020 Amisaday was selected to participate in the awards gala of the 48th edition of the Grand Prix de Lausanne, as part of the Choreographic Project directed by the artist Mauro Bigonzetti. She was an interpreter of Meraki, solo created by Verónica Caballero, which was awarded second place in choreography and performance award at the First Choreographic Contest organized by the academy in 2021. Amisaday is a graduate from the first intake of dancers in the Acosta Danza Academy and joined Acosta Danza in 2021.